Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toot Toot the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies train stopped here!

Oh yeah, the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies Blog train is stopping by my blog this year. My Sister made me do it! lol, no really, I am not a designer but my Sister told me to give it a try. So I thought after downloading tons of freebies over the years, maybe I could give back. I am not that good and a few of my elements may be too big but I think my papers came out nice. I chose traditional Christmas colors and elements. There are real pretty kits being shared in the blog train this year and my Sweet Sister is sharing a beautiful add on to her gorgeous Christmas Joy kit, which you can find on her blog here. A big thanks to Antoinette who organized it all for everyone to enjoy.

You can download my part ====here=====. All kits will be available for the whole month of December. You can hop right back on track by going to the blog train link which is on the top left hand side of my blog or in the first sentence of this post. Enjoy my little kit and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's been so long

I know I haven't been to my blog in such a long time but I haven't really scrapped in all this time. I had a computer scare and realized that I have so much that I could of lost because I have not backed up in so long. So I have been organizing and backing up and not scrapping. But then I got this beautiful kit and just had to scrap with it. Oh I know, you may think my opinion is bias, since the designer is none other than my very talented Sister Patchas . But you really should just go and check out this beautiful kit "Dreaming Of Spring" and judge for yourself.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to school

I took Kelly back to school on Sunday to start her second semester of college. She was anxious about all her new classes but after going to classes yesterday she called me to tell me she really enjoyed them. I will have to wait and see what she says about the rest of them. Her schedule is quite different from last semester as she has a few evening classes. But on the two days she has evening classes she doesn't start until 11. I have 2 new layouts to show. I had finished them 2 weeks ago but have been putting off posting them. It just seems that there is not enough time in a day. The kit I used is Into The Wide Blue Yonder by Ambowife Designs. The pictures are of my son. I have been scanning my old pictures and using them to scrap. So that's it for now, thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Heat Wave

Lol, well not exactly a heat wave but it is 47 degree's here today. It's a nice break from the cold weather we have been having recently. Winter has never been my most favorite season of the year, but since I have gotten older, I really hate the cold weather. I am just so grateful that I don't have to go out in it everyday any more. I still remember going to work in zero degree weather. Getting off the ferry and having to walk 2 blocks to my job. By the time I crossed the street, I would be hurting from the cold. I would duck into the first building and walk thru their lobby just to get warmed up. Even though I had a scarf wrapped around my face (up to my eyes) and a hat pulled down covering my eyebrows, it still hurt. Believe me, I was a sight to see, lol. Thank goodness those days are behind me. Now I stay in my nice toasty house and if I have to go out I start my car from inside my house and wait for it to warm up. Anyway, My son got a new camera for Christmas, so I went to his house and took all the nice pictures of my granddaughters that he had taken on his recent trip to Pennsylvania. These pictures were perfect for the new kit I got, January 2010 Mega - Snow Games by The SAS-y Design Team. Well, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello everyone, happy new year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with their families and made lots of warm memories to look back at. Oh and of course captured all those moments in pictures. I love the holidays but I am glad they are over with. I guess it's like going on vacation, you really have a wonderful time but are so glad when you finally come home. I have 2 new layouts to show. The kit I used is Frozen Fantasy by Sweet Made. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas is over

Well Merry Christmas everyone! I can't believe it is over. I just have been so busy shopping and wrapping. I haven't made my layouts. But finally here they are. I hope you all had a great Christmas, I so enjoyed watching my grandchildren open their gifts. It seems that they loved them all. My youngest granddaughter (she is 4) said this was the best Christmas ever! lol. Back to my layouts. The pictures I used was from Christmas eve and Christmas day. The kit I used to make them is Winter Blessings Page Kit by Linda Cumberland. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fa la la la la

Oh yes tis the season... Is everyone in the Christmas spirit? This is my favorite time of the year. I just love driving around and looking at all the Christmas decorations. Especially at night seeing all the houses lit up. I remember when my kids were young I used to always drive around looking at the lights and there were always a few houses that were spectacular. I remember one in particular that we would have to get out of the car and walk around their house to see all that there was to see. There was always so many people there doing the same thing that we would either have to wait for a parking space or park a block or so away. The house was so lit up that you could see it from blocks away. OMG I can't imagine what their electric bill must of been. But it was beautiful. Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I still have so much shopping to do. My daughter will be coming down to celebrate with us so it will be great that we will have the whole family together.
There are so many designers out there giving away their beautiful Christmas kits. I know of at least 5 Christmas blog trains. In fact SAS has a Christmas Carol blog hop. It is just so nice of them to do this. I have 2 Christmas layouts to show you today. They are from Christmas's long ago. The pictures are of my older children when they were young. The kit I used for them is the SAS December 2009 Mega: Vintage Christmas by the SAS'y Design Team. Wow what a wonderful Christmas kit. Thanks for stopping by.